The colloquium is devoted to create a bridge between the micro/nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) and elasto-acoustic and mechanical metamaterials communities and put the seeds for a new network among researchers working in these areas. Both communities possess skills in linear and nonlinear static and dynamic modelling, optimization and multi-physics problems solving. They share the interest in finding innovative applications and in exploiting new exotic phenomena such as zero/negative effective material properties, highly nonlinear behaviors and many others. At the same time, they often look at the problems from different perspectives. For this reason, we think they can strongly inspire and cross-fertilize each other.

The colloquium aims at providing a forum for the discussion of the numerical modelling and/or experimental validation of MEMS/NEMS devices incorporating metamaterials or metamaterials containing MEMS/NEMS devices. Other interconnected topics such as the numerical and/or analytical modelling of linear and non-linear dynamics of resonant components in MEMS/NEMS and metamaterials, the topology and shape optimization of resonant components in MEMS/NEMS and metamaterials and the numerical modelling and/or experimental evidence of emergent phenomena in MEMS/NEMS and metamaterials are also very welcome.

We are planning an in-presence event at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.
Hybrid format will be considered as well in case the COVID-19 pandemic and global travel restrictions evolution in the next months will make it necessary.